The Estate

Nestled in a valley high above San Pasqual, Domaine Artefact has a rich history of culture and cultivation.  

Our Wines

At Domaine Artefact we are dedicated to growing Rhone grape varietals and vinifying and blending them in traditional and innovative manners.  


Domaine Artefact is culmination and integration of our passion for wine, food, family and nature.  The estate is a constant “work in progress” as we move forward with our vision.


Domaine Artefact is a thriving sustainable estate, uncompromising in its farming standards and its stewardship of the land.

Upcoming Events

Domaine Artefact hosts a number of seasonal events with a focus on culinary arts, and wine-food pairings featuring local artisans.

Purchase Wines

Explore our current offerings, tasting notes and learn about some of our favorite wine-food pairings.