Domaine Artefact is a thriving sustainable estate, uncompromising in its farming standards and its stewardship of the land. In return, our vineyards and orchards yield nature’s finest quality fruit.


Zero Carbon Footprint:

We are striving to operate Domaine Artefact with a zero carbon footprint. We do this through our intensive sustainable vineyard practices, by utilizing 100% recycled materials for our marketing materials and shipping our wines in Styrofoam free boxes.  By 2017, we will be completely solar powered.  Whatever energy isn’t utilized, we will send back to the energy grid.

Culinary Gardens and Native Vegetation

We are guided by principles of permaculture in our approach to farming. We are keen on growing our own organic fruits and vegetables and sharing our harvests locally and through our stewardship, remain committed to transforming the estate with plantings of native species.  Our goal is to create a balanced, regenerative and self-supporting ecosystem.

Farm Animals and Wildlife

Domaine Artefact is home to our family of animals including dogs, horses and chickens.  We are fortunate to collect organic eggs every morning from our hens and incorporate both horse and chicken “fertilizer” in our composting.

In addition to our domesticated inhabitants, in any given day, we will see and hear all manner of wildlife.  All one has to do is to sit back, look and listen as Domaine Artefact provides habitat to coyotes, bobcats, red tail hawks, barn owls, kites, red wing blackbirds, road runners, finches (common, and gold), quail, meadowlarks, blue birds, killdeer, hummingbirds, tree frogs, toads, gophers, voles and ground squirrels.